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Welcome to the Audiobook section of Sci Fi – Arizona.    Several years ago, many of my books were available on However, my agent grew concerned about some of the language in their user agreement and we withdrew from the arrangement.  
I have always wanted to produce my own audiobooks. So, for 20 years, I experimented with computer voices. None of them sounded natural enough to pursue. However, with the advent of AI, I have discovered a voice that actually sounds human. As an experiment, I have recorded the three books of the Antares Series and am offering them for sale to the public.   

While this AI voice is good, it is still a computer voice. It cannot emote the way some of the most talented voice readers do (at a cost of up to $250 per hour). These novels are output in a pleasant male voice that just reads the text. As is the case with printed books, any emoting taking place will be inside your head.  

If you are a long-haul truck driver, or face a boring daily commute, or just like to take your fiction in through your ears, you may find this technology interesting.  

   Michael McCollum, June 2023
Purchase Antares Dawn


Delivered as a Zip file on a memory stick.
25 chapters, 550 kb, 8-9 hrs 

Purchase Antares Passage


Delivered as a Zip file on a memory stick.
29 chapters, 557 kb, 8-9 hrs 

Purchase Antares Victory


Delivered as a Zip file on a memory stick.
25 chapters, 641 kb, 9-10 hrs 

Purchase Antares Trilogy


Delivered as a Zip file on a memory stick.
90 chapters, 1250 kb, 8-9 hrs 

To hear a sample of the audiobook voice, send an email to or press the button.   

Voice Sample

Your audiobook(s) will be shipped by the same process we use for our paperback novels. The memory stick containing the audio book chapters will be sealed into a small envelope (both shown to the right or below). These will then be stapled to your order receipt to ensure it won't become separated in transit. This  full assembly will then be placed in a standard-size (#10) heavy duty envelope and mailed to you via First Class Mail.

Note: The size of the audio files are such that it is impractical to download them over the Internet.