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July 22, 2022

Sci Fi - Arizona has been listed by in the United Kingdom. This is a well-done website with a number of popular writers. Click on the button below.  

July 1, 2022

Welcome to the third iteration of Sci Fi-Arizona. 

The first version went online in 1997. Not being an HTML programmer, I used Microsoft Frontpage to author the site. It was the best "web builder" available in those prehistoric days. I used it long after Microsoft abandoned the software, and gave it  up only when it would no longer run on my computer.

My second web authoring tool was Abobe Muse. That was a giant step up. It allowed me to produce a site that could be viewed on a variety of displays. Unfortunately, Adobe stopped supporting Muse about a year after I began using it. I continued to use it, but began to search around for a replacement.

I settled on Nicepage Web Builder. Nicepage  is more sophisticated than even Muse when it comes to automating the production of websites in five different formats: Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Landscape Phone, and Portrait Phone.

Since this is a complete redo of the site from scratch, there will undoubtedly be bugs. Please report any you find to me at: 

November 15, 2020

My fourteenth novel, LOST EARTH, is now online.

The genesis of the idea came when I realized that all of my previous novels were set 100 to 300 years in the future, and most are interplanetary or interstellar adventures. I began to wonder if I had what it takes to write a galactic-scale novel set in the far future. Lost Earth is the result.

In any novel about travel between stars, it is necessary to find some method that allows the ship to move faster than light (ftl). In Lost Earth, I believe  I have invented a truly unique system for breaking through Einstein's Barrier. And all I had to do to make it work was redesign the whole damned universe!

October 1, 2020

At the beginning of 2019, I began transferring control of my ebooks to my agent because he has a better publicity system than I do. Subsequent sales results have proven that choice to be a good one.

As part of the transfer, my agent engaged an artist to produce new covers to appeal to a younger audience. Most of these ebook covers were good enough for the paperback editions, and so I brought out new editions of all my novels with the new covers.

To go along with the covers, I also upgraded the manuscripts to clean up the text, eliminate typos, and generally improve the writing. I kept the changes minor and they should be invisible to the reader. There were two exceptions to this rule: Life Probe and Procyon's Promise were originally published in the 1980s. When I read them, I was amazed at how dated they were. (They didn't even mention cell phones!)

Therefore, I updated both books to reflect 21st century science and technology. The plot is exactly the same, but hopefully, it will now be easier to maintain one's suspension of disbelief while reading. BooksRadar