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The following are reviews of ANTARES DAWN that readers have left at  None of the reviews were written by the author, or to my knowledge, any of my relatives. -- Michael McCollum

Excellent Off-World Sci-Fi

This isn't a review per se, just a kudo for the author: Michael McCollum does it again. I've read just about everything by this author and have determined that he's one of the very best sci-fi authors ever. I've read this book and its sequel three times now--about once every 6 months or so since finding them. This is the kind of story that stays with me and keeps drawing me back over and over--even tho I know what's gonna happen! The broad landscape of this story is absolutely entralling, the characters are well developed and really come alive, and the physics of wormhole travel even seems plausible. Please, please someone make a movie out of this story. It would translate MOST EXCELLENTLY to the big screen.

Most Sci Fi is dreadful...

...this isn't. McCollum has a knack of keeping the words out of the way of a good story. I put down most SciFi books in disgust after a few pages when they become too improbable or unintelligent or the quality of the writing is unbearable. But of all "regular" scifi I have enjoyed MacCollum's books the most, especially the Antares books. They are very easy to read, the science is almost always well worked out, and they are hard to put down. Don't expect super-deep character development, but the plots are fun and rattle along. The Antares books in particular are the sort of books that you feel sad to finish. My favorite kind!
I just hope he sits down and writes a book the size of say, Lord of the Rings, so I can really get into one of these worlds for more than just a few days. Please please!

  Very Enjoyable

I have found it hard to find good science fiction books. Ones that are more "hard science" than straight story telling, but still have an enjoyable story to tell. This is the second of McCollum's books I have read and they are both excellent. I found the concepts very interesting, and the story engrossing. In general, the book was very enjoyable to read. When I finished it, I couldn't stop myself from starting Antares Passage, despite the fact that it was 1:00am and I had to get up in the morning...

Good read for a long summer night

A good read, I've read it twice now. The plot leaves the reader wondering what happened to the crew of the derelict earthship "Conqueror" and goes from there. The sequel, Antares Passage is also good, but not as strong as the first. Now if only there was a third novel to find out how the war ends...

Fun to discover this series

I heard about this series on the Podcast "Security Now" with Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte. The book was a fun read - I appreciate how scientifically based it was; each aspect of space flight seemed well thought out and quite plausible. The story is also interesting and characters are fairly well developed.

Has everything

McCollum does a very good job of telling a story. Has all the elements necessary to make you want to read it over and over.

Far future, Sci-fi, humans VS Aliens!

I really enjoyed this book. This is straight science-fiction about the far future when humanity has colonized several star systems. There is some contact with an aggressive alien race. I enjoyed the fact that the book was more or less from the protagonists viewpoint and we did not get real insight into the Aliens. This made the aliens more... well... ALIEN!! The politics, the technology, the subplots were all believable, interesting, and enthralling. I couldn't put this book down!

I liked this book

An excellent read. I have re-read this book for the fifth time. I have also rummaged through every bookstore in southern Germany looking for Antares Passage. The plot is believable and the imagery is excellent. The book is good enough to make me WANT to know what happens next... END

Strong sci-fi

McCollum creates a believable world, with characters you care about. This is similar to the Hornblower series...but set in the future. Highly recommended for those who love the genre.


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