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The following are reviews of ANTARES PASSAGE that readers have left at  None of the reviews were written by the author, or to my knowledge, any of my relatives. -- Michael McCollum


Excellent sequel to "Antares Dawn". Exciting, Suspenseful!

This book and "Antares Dawn" have got me scouring the dusty shelves of used book stores and libraries trying to find something more written by Michael McCollum! He has really piqued my interest and I'm going through withdrawal symptoms anticipating the next in the series! Highly recommended reading.

  Continuation of a great series

Excellent, believable hard Sci-Fi with a dash of romance and Hornblower thrown in. Loved it. Sorry he left the series hanging. I'm still waiting for the denoument.

Great middle book of a trilogy

It's great that this long out of print book and its mate ANTARES DAWN are again available. An exciting, hard science adventure story set against the backdrop of interstellar war. Mr. McCollum's characters are a bit wooden sometimes, but the story moves along, the alien menace feels real, the puzzles are puzzling and the revelation at the end is a clever one, leading into the last book of the trilogy. The good news is that that book is at last available. I read ANTARES VICTORY, published by, and it is a very satisfying conclusion to the series. I hope the books become more widely available because they are quite enjoyable.

Another Enjoyable Read

Another book I couldn't put down. Not quite as much action as the previous book, but still plenty of things happening, and definitely still very interesting. I'm fast becoming a big fan of Mr McCollum!
Now all I need is Antares Victory...

  One of the best sci/fi novels I've ever read, I've read 100's

I think this is one of the greatest and most realistic sci/fi novels in existence. If you like Star Trek or Babylon 5 you must read this book and don't forget the prequel Antares Dawn. Mr. McCollum gives very detailed and realistic descriptions, and why not he's an engineer involved with spacestation FREEDOM!

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