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In the last few years, the number of formats for Ebooks has expanded almost exponentially, making the delivery of books in electronic format much more complex.  The following formats are available for download and can be read on the listed devices.  If your machine isn't listed, check to see which of those listed it is most like.  If you still aren't sure, download our sample file to see if your machine can read my short story, DUTY, HONOR, PLANET.  One good thing about Sci Fi - Arizona:  None of our ebooks are subject to Digital Rights Management (DRM).  They may be downloaded and used without passwords.  We trust you and hope you will respect that trust.


1.  PDF for desktops

Adobe Acrobat PDF files formatted to fit on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper.  They can be read on screen and printed out to be read in hard copy.  The pages are static (like a Xerox copy).  Use this file if you do not use a handheld device to read ebooks.

2.  PDF for handhelds                                                                           Duty, Honor, Planet PDF2  

Adobe Acrobat PDF files formatted to read on the smaller screen of a handheld reader.  These files are "tagged" for enhanced accessibility.  Text may flow on some handhelds.  Use this file if you don't see the handheld format you are looking for and your machine reads PDF files as a "second language."

3.  MOBI (same as PRC)                                                                       Duty, Honor, Planet PRC   

The PRC file format comes in both simple and complex formats.  This format is the complex one.  It has format tags imbedded within that make for a good looking output.  It also displays pictures.  Use this if your device is capable of displaying complex files.

Machines that read Complex PRC include:  Amazon Kindle, CyBook, iLiad, Mobipocket Reader, PalmOS, Win Mobile, SymbianOS, Blackberry

4.  PRC Format (Simple)                                                                            Duty, Honor, Planet PRC2 

If your machine doesn't support complex PRC, use this one.  It is based on plain text.  It isn't as fancy as the other PRC, but the files are eminently readable.

5.  PDB Format                                                                                             Duty, Honor, Planet PDB  

The PDB format is used by eReader for the Palm Operating System.

6.  Microsoft Reader LIT  Format                                                              Duty, Honor, Planet LIT  

The LIT format is used by Microsoft on the PC and the PocketPC.

7.  BBeB or LRF Format                                                                             Duty, Honor, Planet Sony  

LRF is the native language of the Sony eBook Reader and others. 

8.  EPUB Format                                                                                       Duty, Honor, Planet Epub  

EPUB is the format of the International Digital Publishing Forum and has been adopted by  Google for their Public Domain library. Also used on Stanza for Iphone and Ibooks for IPAD and many others.

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