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Welcome to Michael McCollum's Individual Novel Page.  This is where you will find books that stand alone, either as novels or as short story collections.

EUCLID'S WALL   Euclid's Wall  

Euclid's Wall


A century after civilization fell in a day and a night of tectonic cataclysm, scattered communities have regained a fraction of what humanity lost on that Day of Destruction.  One such is the Duchy of Hampshire on the southern tip of England.

Hampshire is at war with the Califat de Normandie. It is a war that has been profitable for merchant sea captain Ethan Scott of the Sailing Barque Hellespont. Despite the money to be made, Scott prays for the war to end.  Each time he puts to sea, he risks his ship and the lives of his crew on his ability to evade the Norman raiders in the Channel and the Eirish Sea. It is a gamble he will inevitably lose if he keeps at it too long.

The Duke of Hampshire has problems of his own. War is expensive. If he doesn’t find additional resources soon, he will be defeated. The Duke plans to send an expedition to North America to discover whether the fabled wealth of old still exists there.  For that, he needs a ship.

Scott’s chance meeting with a beautiful woman presents both men with the solution to their respective problems. Soon Hellespont sets sail for America and the mysterious Wall that scholars believe precipitated the fall of civilization, and which may yet destroy the world.

Ebook:        $7.50

Trade Paperback:     $17.50

THE CLOUDS OF SATURN   The Clouds of Saturn  

The Clouds of Saturn

When the sun flared out of control and boiled Earth's oceans, humanity took refuge in a place that few would have predicted.  In the greatest migration in history, the entire human race took up residence among the towering clouds and deep clear-air canyons of Saturn's upper atmosphere.  Having survived the traitor star, they returned to the all-too-human tradition of internecine strife.  The new city-states of Saturn began to resemble those of ancient Greece, with one group of cities taking on the role of militaristic Sparta ...

Ebook:        $7.50

Trade Paperback:     $15.00

THUNDERSTRIKE!   Thunderstrike!


The new comet found near Jupiter was an incredible treasure trove of water-ice and rock. Immediately, the water-starved Luna Republic and Sierra Corporation, a leader in asteroid mining, were squabbling over rights to the new resource. But all thoughts of profit and fame were abandoned when a scientific expedition discovered that the comet's trajectory placed it on a collision course with Earth!

Ebook:       $7.50

Trade Paperback:     $15.00

THE SAILS OF TAU CETI   Sails of Tau Ceti

The Sails of Tau Ceti

Starhopper was humanity's first interstellar probe.   It was designed to search for intelligent life beyond the solar system.   Before it could be launched, however, intelligent life found Earth.  The discovery of an alien light sail inbound at the edge of the solar system generated considerable excitement in scientific circles.  With the interstellar probe nearing completion, it gave scientists the opportunity to launch an expedition to meet the aliens while they were still in space. The second surprise came when Starhopper's crew boarded the alien craft.  They found beings who, despite their alien physiques, were surprisingly compatible with humans.  That two species so similar could have evolved a mere twelve light years from one another seemed too coincidental to be true.

Ebook:        $7.50

Trade Paperback:     $15.00

A GREATER INFINITY  A Greater Infinity

A Greater Infinity

Duncan MacElroy was an ordinary engineering student before he went out for a six-pack of beer one night and never came back.  Instead, he found himself embroiled in a war for the dominance of Paratime, as well as defending our own particular version of Earth from predators on both sides of the battle lines.  For he quickly discovered that "parallel universes" aren't, and that a single individual can make all of the difference in the worlds!

Ebook:       $7.50

Trade Paperback:     $15.00


Gridlock and Other Stories

Where would you visit if you invented a time machine, but couldn't steer it?  And what if you went out for a six pack of beer and never came back?  If you think nuclear power is dangerous, you should try black holes as an energy source -- or even scarier, solar energy! Visit the many worlds of Michael McCollum. I guarantee that you'll be surprised!

Ebook:        $6.00

Trade Paperback:     $15.00

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