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The Art of Writing / The Art of Science Fiction

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At Sci Fi - Arizona, we have two long-running series on the techniques and philosophy of writing.  One of our series is devoted to general writing while the other is devoted to the special problems of science fiction writing.  Check out the books below and then click on the links to jump to the individual pages where you can purchase them.

The Art of Writing Series

The Art of Writing, Volume 1 

Chapter 1: So You Want To Be A Writer?
Chapter 2: Rules For Writers
Chapter 3: Writing Basics
Chapter 4: Conflict in Fiction
Chapter 5: Character In Fiction
Chapter 6: Anchors In Reality
Chapter 7: Rhythm In Fiction
Chapter 8: The Plots The Thing
Chapter 9: The Theory of Dialogue
Chapter 10: The Practice of Dialogue
Chapter 11: Language And Atmosphere
Chapter 12: Common Mistakes In Writing
Chapter 13: Publishers, Editors, And Agents
Chapter 14: Literary Rights
Chapter 15: The Publication Process
Chapter 16: Writers And Readers
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Purchase Paperback: $25.00
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The Art of Science Fiction