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Welcome to the Writer's Workshop. Each month we publish articles dealing with matters of concern to writers, with an emphasis on the technical problems specific to science fiction writing. No matter what sort of a writer you are or wish to be, you will find something of interest here.

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Incidental Characters
No story is complete without incidental characters.  Remember the unknown crewman on Star Trek (in the red shirt) who always showed up in the transporter room just as Kirk, Spock, and McCoy were about to beam down to the surface?  Guess which character isn't coming back!

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The Art of Science Fiction

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This Month's Article

World Building, Part 1
Get out your giant-size erector set because we are going to be building worlds.  The first thing you need to get your planet right, of course, is to find the right star for it to orbit.  This article gives you a few helpful hints for finding just the right star to host your alien civilization.

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