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Welcome to the Writer's Workshop. Each month we publish articles dealing with matters of concern to writers, with an emphasis on the technical problems specific to science fiction writing. No matter what sort of a writer you are or wish to be, you will find something of interest here.

The Art of Writing

This Month's Article

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Making it Up as You Go Along
William Shakespeare didn't confine himself to the words his ancestors handed down to him, why should we?  The article discusses the structure of English and the techniques used to coin new words, establish character names, and manufacture future slang.

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The Art of Science Fiction

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This Month's Article

World Building, Part 2
Once you've chosen the star to host your world, you have to design the world itself.  How large is your planet?  How large is its gravitational pull?  Does it have moons, and if so, how big?  Are the oceans deep or shallow, the seasons severe, mild, or non-existent?  All of these questions need be answered when you start out to write a book.

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